100 Books! This school year I plan on reading 100 books! Though I am not allowed to write down any books I am not finished with. And I cannot write down any books that I haven't read or books that I read before the first day of school.
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1. We are so crashing your bar mitzvah!
2. Race to Witch Mountain
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4. Emily Windsnap
5. Amos Fortune Freeman
6. Crash
7. Romeo and Juliet
8. Pretty Little Liars #1
9. Flawless PLL #2
10. Shooting the moon
11. Ella Enchanted
12. Speak
13. Love Me Tender
14. Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants
15. Esperanza Rising
16. Maniac Magee
17. Smiles To Go
18. Lush
19. Hex Hall
20. Milton Hershey
21. Star Girl
22. Give Me Liberty
23. Life As We Knew It