Energy Transformation

The Law of Conservation of Energy:
  • Energy cannot be made, used up, or destroyed.
  • Energy transforms into different forms of energy.
  • Energy always starts in the sun.
  • Chemical energy stored in an animal or plant is moved into the cells of a human's body.
  • The human's body transforms the chemical energy that is stored into heat, work, and mechanical energy.

The energy transformations that are taking place in our cricket our electrical to sound + light + mechanical.

When the bikes peadals it gets a gear to spin a chain.
When the chain starts spinning, it makes a saw move and it cuts the log.

energy transformation gameThe bicycle spins the gears to connect to a hand which has a saw to cut the wood. - Julia Dickerson

external image 250px-Godin_LG-Squier_Strat.jpg
The energy transformations taking place in the electric guitar are electrical to sound, because the guitar needs electricity to play, a when it plays, it makes sound. - Julia Dickerson

A few energy transfermation in a car are mechanichal to heat when the wheels turn they create friction wich creates heat, and electracal to light the battery turns the headlights on. - Ari Kohl

This is for Ari's write-up
This is for Ari's write-up

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When you strum a guitar, it vibrates and creates sound

It would be Mechanical energy to sound energy