• What was your favorite activity?
    My favorite activity this quarter in math was when we made a line of numbers. It is were we all wrote down a number on a piece of paper and we stood in a line to make a big number.
  • What went well for you this quarter?
  • This quarter taking timed test's went well because i got alot of the problems right.
  • What do you still need to work on?
  • I still need to work on is adding exponents
  • How have you used technology in class?
  • In this class we have to use computers when we need to do a powerpoint and we also use technology when we use a handheld device that can allow us to text to the board.
  • What would you like to do next quarter?
  • Next quarter I would like to use the handheld devices more because we only used them for one day.
  • 1/4 +2/4
  • 24x3
  • 56/7
  • 20x8
  • 42+42
  • anwser key

this is my math powerpoint that explains three things that i have done

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