Earth Science

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Weathering and Erosion Quiz - Once you take this quiz print out and turn in your results.

Fossil Webquest - Scroll down the page and find the ten questions to answer as you navigate through this webquest. Copy and paste the questions into a word document and answer as you complete the activity.

Fossil Brain-pop video - Watch this video to complete the first page (multiple choice) questions in your packet

Pictures & Diagrams

Earth's Interior

Convection & Movement of the Crust

Mid-Ocean Ridge Map
Deep Ocean Trenches - Subduction Zones

Plate Tectonic Map
Plate Tectonic Map & Ring of Fire
The Great Rift Valley - Africa
Himalay Mountains
San Andreas Fault
San Andreas Fault

Major Volcano Locations
Earthquake Distribution Map
Earthquake Depth Map
United States Earthquake Hazard Map

Interactive Activities

Earth's Interior
Continental Drift
Continental Drift - Pangea
Sea-Floor Spreading in Motion
Subduction in Motion
Plate Tectonics Activity
Plate Tectonic Map
Mountain Building - Convergent Boundaries
Transform, Divergent & Convergent Boundaries
Convergent Boundary - Continental & Continental

Mineral Identification
Rock & Mineral Games & Activities

Powerpoint Presentations



Magnetism Videos
Continental Drift
Plate Tectonics
Erosion & Weathering